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    Jim commented  · 

    Hi Ryan:

    I've started having a lot of issues with scenes not behaving properly - in some cases consistently and in others more along the lines of the 5% reported above. So I downloaded this versions to see if it helps. It doesn't.

    Specifically, here are some of the problems I've started seeing, none of which were a problem until recently:

    1. Light switch set to turn front lights on at dusk and off at 1:00AM. Periodically either does not turn on or does not turn off (~5% of the time). Also ~5%, the lights will turn on or off at random times, for no apparent reason.

    2. Power outlet controlling a water feature pump. Scenes set to turn it on in the morning and off late at night. Now 100% of time, it does not turn on in the morning. I have to activate the outlet directly. If I try to activate the outlet manually from the software, the button shows "on" for a few seconds, then reverts to off, but the outlet stays powered regardless of software state. 95% of the time the scene to turn this off at night works fine. When I try to auto configure that outlet, I get the message: Auto-configuration node 3 . . . Associating device with main controller . . . Fail! Unable to retrieve manufacturer info from device. Performing basic configuration.

    This outlet has worked for several years and does still respond correctly to the "off" scene, so not sure what's going on all of a sudden.

    I've reset my USB stick several times; deleted and rebuilt scenes; uninstalled and re-installed InControl. Still no luck.

    I'm thinking of reverting to an earlier version, as this was running beautifully for me until recently. I do try to stay current with updates, but I don't recall these issues having started immediately after an update.

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